Vaginal Steaming for Pregnancy Loss

Before I dive into the content today, I want to mention that it may be triggering for some of you, but at the same time I think it’s triggering in a good way because this topic needs to be talked about and there’s a message in this that’s important to be shared.

Vaginal steaming with the support of a qualified peristeam hydrotherapist can offer a far gentler and nurturing alternative to medical interventions for pregnancy loss and with 1 in 4 women experiencing pregnany loss in their lifetime, it’s time women are equipped with the knowledge that there are natural and safe options out there.

1 in 4 women experience pregnancy loss in their life time.

That’s a staggeringly high number!  If you have been one of those 1 in 4, my heart goes out to you for not only the loss you have experienced on an emotional level as hopes are shattered by the sight of blood or a missing heart beat, but also for what your body has been through on a physical level.  Sadly, so often, all of this is experienced in silence or with only a small number of people aware of the huge turmoil and physical trauma for the mother.

After training as a peristeam hydrotherpaist and then hearing about my mother’s experience of medical intervention following a miscarriage back in the 1980s in Zambia made me buckle at the knees. I was horrified to hear what her body had to endure! I feel grateful that by me learning this now, if my daughters or their friends ever suffer a loss, they will be empowered to know that they have natural options.

I feel fortunate to have never experienced pregnancy loss and up until training as a peristeam hydrotherapist I never knew on an intimate level what actually happens when a pregnancy ends.  As in, the procedures mothers endure to physically clear the pregnancy matter from their wombs.  It’s been a humbling and truly eye opening experience.

Medical Intervention

Sadly, when there is a pregnancy loss, whether it is a missed miscarriage (when a pregnancy is no longer viable, but the pregnancy matter has not yet cleared from uterus) or a miscarriage, if a woman doesn’t spontaneously or completely miscarry on her own, it is essential that the mother receive support to clear out the pregnancy matter.

The first medical intervention can be the abortion pill.  This pill will make the woman start bleeding and cramping to expel the pregnancy matter.  This doesn’t always work and in this case, the next procedure that is carried out is a dilation and curettage procedure (D and C).  In this procedure the cervix is manually opened using a dilation tool and a curettage tool is used to scrape the walls of the uterus to clear our the pregnancy matter.  In the case of a more advanced pregnancy, forceps may need to be used as well.

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming offers natural tools to assist the uterine cleanse after a miscarriage and it is a far gentler and nurturing alternative to medical interventions.  There are no metal objects involved.  It’s simply steam, the right herbs and an emphasis on circulation to get the body to naturally begin a full uterine cleanse.  When steaming after a miscarriage it is essential to work with an experience hydrotherapist to ensure that the practice is carried out safely.  This is definitely not something to attempt on your own.

Additional Measures to support a uterine cleanse

When using vaginal steaming for pregnancy loss we use more than just the steam to help the mother remove the pregnancy matter from the womb space.  Just as a mother prepares for labour by increasing her circulation, when there is pregnancy loss it is essential that circulation is increased to assist the miscarriage. We need to get the blood pumping and things moving to encourage the uterus to begin contracting to expel the pregnancy matter.  The quickest and most effective way to increase circulation is cardio exercise like running, sprinting or jogging.  In addition to this, acupuncture, massage, bitter and spicy food, as well as a warm shower can all help increase the flow.

First Aid & Complications

A miscarriage is not always a straight forward procedure and there can sometimes be complications with heavy bleeding and infections.  Peristeam hydrotherpaists are trained to address these complications.  We have herbs that are taken orally to immediately stop heavy bleeding and have other herbs that can work to clear infections.

If you have experienced a miscarriage in the past

It may be that you are reading this post and it’s been several months or even years after you miscarried and I want you to know that vaginal steaming could still be of enormous benefit to you.  While studying I learnt about a woman who one year after miscarrying steamed and the pregnancy matter came out!

There is also an emotional benefit to your womb space from the steam because if there is any remaining trauma held in your cells from the loss or the physical experience you may have endured, steam can help to release this.  Working alongside the steam with a a spiritual teacher or therapist can be an incredibly healing experience.

Getting pregnant again

It takes 1 year for a woman’s body to completely recover from miscarriage.  Most women who wait one year for complete recovery are able to get pregnant right away and have a healthy pregnancy.  Ideally, we are looking for a standard healthy cycle (healthy period), which consists of a a 4 day long period, only fresh red blood, medium flow and no period symptoms.  Vaginal steaming is a wonderful practice to assist a woman’s body to experience this standard healthy cycle as well as practicing proper period care.

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