Each class I teach I discover something new, each student brings me a new gift.

My Yoga Journey & Training

I completed my yoga teacher training in India in 2006. Never with the intention to teach, simply to understand myself, my body and my mind more. Since India I have been fortunate to learn from and be inspired by so many teachers around the world (Dot Bowen, Marc Woolford, Diane Long, Julie Gargano, Kim Mortimer, Laura Mensen and Lindsay Mensen), all with their own approach and their own wisdom shining though their voices, their touch, their presence and in some cases the music that they play.

Yoga is the thing that guides me home to myself. The thing that carries me through the hard times, the uncertain times, the joyous times and the place that I come to for the answers.

Yoga Teaching

Turks & Caicos has been my playground to discover my own voice, my own flavour and the messages that I am guided to impart as a yoga teacher. Each class I teach I discover something new, each student brings me a new gift and on this journey I am gently being guided to channel all of my interests through into my teaching.

Join me for a class

I teach at Retreat Yoga & Wellness Studio in Turks & Caicos and these classes are both IN STUDIO & ONLINE.  I teach a variety of classes from a much slower paced yin class to a dynamic deep power flow.  Each class offers a chance to slow it all down, drop inside the body, listen to what it needs and channel the breath through the movement to arrive at a place of inner knowing and deep respect for this vessel that carries us through life. Enjoy gently held poses linked together with slow movement, meditation and breath all blended together with some hypnotic melodies. Leave lifted, grounded, opened, elevated, seeing clearly and listening deeply.

If a private class is what you prefer I can come to your villa or we can meet in studio and the class can be designed around your needs.  Please get in touch for more details.

Marisa Shearer yoga

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