This is an ever growing list of vaginal steaming testimonials & research. It is my hope that you will return to this page again and again to get a deeper insight into your steaming practice.

Vaginal Steam Testimonial Database

As the expression goes, ‘if you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth’, this is the place to go.  Read a database of client testimonials collected from the Peristeam Hydrotherapist Institute of people who use vaginal steam to assess whether or not they find the practice beneficial. Participants are asked to rate their health concerns prior to and after vaginal steaming to compare if there is a decline in negative symptoms.

Clinical Research

If you’re like me and you love researching, you can delve deeper into the research that has been carried out of this ancient practice here:

  • Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam Study
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  • Study on Therapeutic Effect of KMST (Korean Medicine Steam Therapy) – Included Korean Medicine Combination Therapy about Leukorrhea Patients.
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  • Effects of Artemisia A. Smoke (Ssukjahun) on menstrual distress, dysmenorrhea, and prostaglandin F2
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  • Study on a usage of smoking preparations, fumigant and buccal preparations in dongeuibogam
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  • Clinical study on combined acupuncture with chinese medicine for infertility due to hydrosalpinx
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  • Effect of xunxi no.1 intervention and radiotherapy on Ia-IIb stage cervical cancer with high-risk human papilloma virus infection
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  • Bakera, a herbal steam bath for postnatal care in Minahasa (Indonesia): Documentation of the plants used and assessment of the method
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Bibliography to References of Vaginal Steaming

  • Steamy Chick Blog
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  • The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality
    by Kimberly Ann Johnson, 2017
  • Love Your Lady Landscape
    by Lisa Lister, 2016
  • The Trotula: An English Translation of the Medieval Compendium of Women’s Medicine,
    Edited and Translated by Monica H.Green, University of Pennsylvania Press 2001.
    12th-15th century Italy
  • A New Method of Curing the Venereal Disease
    by Fumigation authored by Sir Peter Lalonette, Paris 1776
  • Corpus Hippocraticum,
    Gynecological Treatises
  • Medicine and Health Care Among Chinese Ethnic Minorities,
    by Yan Yu and Ke Ren
  • Reproducing Women: Medicine, Metaphor, and Childbirth in Late Imperial China,
    By Yi-Li Wu
  • Dictionary of the Ben Cao Gang Mu, Volume 1,
    by Zhibin Zhang and Paul U. Unschuld
  • Early Chinese Medical Literature: the Mawangdui Medical Transcripts
    by Donald J. Harper
  • The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica A Translation of the ShenNong Ben Cao ling
    by Yang Shou-zhong
  • Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen : Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text, with an Appendix, the Doctrine of the Five Periods and Six Qi in the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen
    by Paul U. Unschuld (pp. 313)
  • Hawaiian Herbal Medicines
    by June Gumantis

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