Steaming Health Consultation – 90 min


This is a 90 minutes consultation with Marisa over zoom or skype.  Suitable for women of all ages.

Prior to your consultation

Prior to your consultation you will receive an email from Marisa which will include a link to your zoom video meeting as well as a series of questions to help you gather information about your menstrual and vaginal health history in order to prepare for your consultation. After completing the online menstrual cycle analysis intake form Marisa will contact you again via email to schedule your consultation.

During the consultation

In the consultation we will begin by evaluating your menstrual and vaginal health history.  Based on a Chinese Medicine perspective, Marisa will inform you on the imbalances that you are experiencing and possible reasons as to why you are experiencing them, so that you can have a better understanding of what is happening in your body.

This is a 90 minute session and does not include any herbs that you will need to steam.  Herbs can be purchased separately in the shop for delivery in Turks & Caicos.

Your Custom Plan

Marisa will design a custom Vaginal Steam Plan for you to follow for 3-6 months.  This plan will include how often you need to steam, when you need to steam, what herbs to use and how long to steam for in order to see the results you desire.  It will be emailed to you after your session.  Marisa will also offer email support until the end of your next period OR within 30 days if you don’t have periods. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle

It’s not just about the steaming.  During this session we will also discuss nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to further encourage your healing process.

Steaming instruction

Lastly, Marisa will guide you through a step by step process of how you can steam safely in the privacy of your own home, either with a sauna purchased from this website or a range of easy options that you can create at home.

Once you purchase this consultation, Marisa will contact you by email to schedule your appointment.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must do so 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.