Intuitive Touch Massage

It’s been a slow start to the year for me. Gently, gently has been the theme I’ve been running on. It’s what I’ve needed to slow down and listen in. To make sense of the deconstruction and reconstruction that is taking place. My nervous system has needed the slow space.

It’s meant that I haven’t been showing up in the online world as much as I would like, but it has offered me more opportunity to explore my internal landscape and have conversations with my soul.

For those of you that don’t know my story, in 2005, fresh out of university with a degree in accounting, I followed my heart’s desire and trained in Swedish Massage. Something in me knew that this was a skill I needed to add to my basket of offerings, despite the fact that it had absolutely nothing to do with spreadsheets and numbers. I immersed myself in the world of touch and essential oils and a part of my soul woke up.

A few years after qualifying and practicing, things didn’t pan out as I envisioned and I knew it was time to gently shelve this skill, knowing I would be called back to it at some point, perhaps when I was a mother and had added more gems of wisdom to my basket of offering.

Over the past year as we’ve all been encouraged to socially distance I’ve heard a distant call, that has progressively got louder and louder, to the importance of and the need for me to return to offering touch.

Sometimes we have to loose something to realise it’s importance.

I’ve rested in this lull that the whole world is taking and I’ve felt my own nervous system frazzled. I’ve watched myself and those around me riding their own waves of turmoil, stress, anxiety and loss. The sympathetic nervous system caught in a loop of panic and distress

I’ve been reminded of how important practices like breathing, yoga, steaming and simple intentional touch can be in helping to stop the fight, flight and freeze – redirecting it into rest, digest and ground – all the vital qualities of the parasympathetic nervous system to bring us into a sense of harmony and peace.

So the purpose of this post is to let you know that I’m answering the call to let my hands and heart sing once more and I’m delighted to be offering massage once again.

I’m calling it Intuitive Touch Massage. 

It’s inspired by my yoga practice, by the body work I have received that has literally brought me back to life time and time again, the spiritual development training I have journeyed through as well as the wisdom I’ve gained through mothering my two daughters.

My aim through my gentle touch is to assist you in deep relaxation and opening to your body’s incredible ability to heal on a mind, body and spirit level. There will be intention, relaxing music, essential oils if you wish, my voice occasionally guiding you deep inside and a box of tissues if the need arises.

There’s also an option to experience a steam prior to your massage to awaken your creative centre (your womb) to the potential for deep and powerful healing.

I’m offering a mobile massage service so that you can enjoy the treatment from your own home or villa.

If you’re pregnant, I know exactly what will feel good and if you’re postpartum, this can be a true game changer for a new mama.

Here’s a link to book either a 60 min or 90 min massage or a steam & massage fusion either for yourself or as a gift for someone.

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