The uterus is meant to be self-cleansing with our monthly bleed flushing out the lining. However if our circulation is slow, if the energy in our pelvis is stagnant, if we have anaemia, other blood disorders or endocrine challenges, the blood may congeal, and old brown blood, dried blood and mucus gets stuck on the uterine lining.

You’ve hit the end of the road

Many of you have hit the end of the road with western medicine and prescriptions that mask underlying issues. Women have experienced help with vaginal steaming through its functioning as a health care system. When used appropriately it has been found to produce wonderful results without the complications of surgery or hormone treatment.

Steaming, using specifically selected herbs to target your symptoms, can be found to clean out the uterus and may return your menstrual cycle back to a pain free, 4 day regular bleed. Based on testimonial and anecdotal evidence it has been found to clear away bacterial and yeast infections, reduce your susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections, reduce the risk of miscarriage and has been found to increase your libido.

Reasons to consider steaming

If you can relate to any of these statements below, then vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that you may want to consider adding to your self care practice at home.  Women who have presented with these symptoms have found relief from the introduction of steaming over herbs.

  • A vaginal infection keeps coming back presenting with a horrible itchy and burning sensation
  • You have been diagnosed with a cyst or fibroid and the option of surgery is being presented to you
  • You have been diagnosed with unexplainable infertility and are desperate to become pregnant, but it hasn’t happened yet
  • Your period cramps have you bent over in unbearable pain every single month
  • Your PMS turns you into an emotional rollercoaster each month and creates conflict in your relationships
  • Your period totally wipes you out each month leaving you completely drained
  • You are pregnant and petrified of the birth and how it will affect your body and want to avoid any difficulty recovering after birth
  • Your libido is no where to be seen, or felt, and you are constantly avoiding your partner
  • Your vaginal odor is giving you social anxiety and holding you back from being comfortable with your body
  • You have a vagina and you would love to learn how to care for her naturally!
  • You’re a mother who has a daughter and you want her to have an easier ride going through her first periods than you did.  I know I certainly am one with two daughters!

If you can relate!

If you can relate to any, or many, of these statements, book your Vaginal Steam Health Consultation today!

I can’t wait to share with you what I know. You deserve to experience relief and a joyful connection to your feminine health.