Learn radical self care and embodiment, 
with Marisa

Discover the power of steaming, abdominal therapy and your cyclical nature.

Learn radical self care and embodiment, 
with Marisa

Discover the power of steaming, abdominal therapy and your cyclical nature.

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Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal massage works deeply into the diaphragm, impacting all the bodies systems and allows you to breathe more deeply and increases circulation in the belly and pelvis.


Women’s Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Passionate about women’s health and movement to support flow and develop intuition, Marisa weaves together beautiful classes and workshops to both educate and ignite participants.



Whether you are experiencing painful periods, fibroids, recurring infections or a whole range of other frustrations, steaming may be the magical answer you’ve been looking for. Discover this ancient & powerful practice, transform your menstrual health and ease into menopause.

Client Testimonials

  • Marisa has such a healing touch. Her work goes beyond the physical - I’ve found that each time I've come off the massage table I’ve had a tune up, mind, body and spirit. I’ve felt held and truly cared for in a way that is unique nowadays. Her work goes beyond releasing tense muscles, it’s energetic medicine.

    Abdominal Massage Client
  • Thank you for today. I feel very empowered. You were so lovely and completely got my daughter and I. So much to take on board. Thank you again, so much appreciated.

    Words from a mother after a Menarche Health Consultation
  • “As a 70 year old woman I came to know about steaming recently for an ongoing issue with UTIs. After my consultation with Marisa, I felt totally relaxed and could understand the benefits I could experience from steaming. Steaming has now become part of my own self care wellness plan at home. I enjoy the space to cleanse, relax and destress. My consultation was so worth while and I have been recommending Marisa to my girlfriends.”

    Steaming Client

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As a little welcome gift from me to you, here is a beautiful 20 minute guided yoga nidra meditation I created to help you ground and reset.

Upcoming workshops & classes


Tea Talks with Marisa

Coming in 2024

Both in person and virtual circle talks to share the wisdom of steaming and abdominal therapy.


 Women’s Wellness Retreats

Coming in 2024

Connect with your inner self and discover freedom in your body through Marisa’s gentle guidance.

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I am an alternative menstrual health therapist and yoga teacher.  My journey of painful periods from the age of 11 initiated a journey of trial and error to get to where I am today – loving and embracing my menstrual cycle as my spiritual practice and fiercely passionate about empowering women to seek the menstrual health they deserve. My goal is to help you fall head over heels back in love with the Goddess within, to turn up the volume of your own inner guidance and wisdom.

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Are you ready to get started with your steaming practice today?  Browse the online shop for my range of online consultations and all the products you will need to start your steaming journey.

Cooling Herbs Vaginal Steam Blend

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Abdominal therapy supports the body’s natural healing capacity and looks to resolve the root cause of dis-ease.

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You may have hit the end of the road with your menstrual health or simply be curious to harness the benefits of a steaming practice in your life. I would be delighted to open your eyes to the possibility of this powerful ancient practice.