Bleeding with the Full Moon vs the New Moon

There is no right or wrong way to bleed with the moon.  Some women feel that it is necessary to sync their cycle to the moon so that they ovulate with the full moon and bleed with the dark moon.  Though this is possible, it’s certainly not necessary.  We certinaly don’t need yet another stick to beat ourselves up with because we don’t bleed with the dark moon therefore we are less in touch with Mother Nature or insert whatever flagellation you want. You don’t need to sync your cycle to the moon because it already is.

Whichever moon phase you bleed in holds its own power and magic for what you need to receive right now.  Over the course of your life your period will attune to both cycles of the moon (dark and full and the times in between).  How it is for you might be totally different to how it is for others, the importance is to feel into it and know it for yourself.  Simply note what’s going on in your life energetically as your body cycles.

New Moon Bleeding

Bleeding at the new moon is most traditionally linked to fertility and motherhood since biodynamics show that the earth is most fertile during the full moon (when you ovulate).  During the period near the dark moon, you may feel a surge in your intuition and the urge to withdraw for nourishment and self-renewal.  You may feel energetically tapped out since you have given the month your all and this time of bleeding is much needed ‘you’ time.

Full Moon Bleeding

Bleeding at the full moon is a a call for us to use the vitality and potent power of the full moon along with the letting go of the menstrual blood to bring something into being.  There is a desire to create, to nourish outwardly and to share your medicine with the world.  Often women who are birthing a book or a project into existence will find that their cycle syncs so that they are bleeding with the full moon and able to focus their creative menstrual energies outwards rather than inwards, in order to nourish and teach others from their own experience.  For the women bleeding at the full moon they are more fertile during the new moon.

It may come as no surprise to your that right now, many of us will be bleeding with the full moon because we’re being called to act and create in response to political and environmental situations. Now more than ever it is time for us to all rise up.

The work here is to turn the rage into creative action.

Over the past year I have been closely charting my period and paying attention to how it relates to the phase of the moon.  In the space of 6 months I have gone from bleeding within a few days of the new moon to this last cycle being bang on full moon.  Over the six months there has been a significant shift from me feeling the need to withdraw and recharge during my period to instead now having the energy and desire to share with the world all that I am learning.  It’s truly mind blowing, the infinite wisdom and intelligence of our bodies when we slow down to notice on a deeper level what’s really going on inside there.

There is no right or wrong way.  It is all an exploration.

I am a huge fan of Lisa Lister’s work to empower women around all things related to their periods.  She has written 3 books – Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape and Witch.  I have all 3 of them and they are all rich in knowledge.  If you’re into this kind of thing, I highly recommend that you buy all 3 of them and enjoying geeking out and waking up.

Over to you you.  Have you noticed a recent change in your period?  What is your body trying to tell you?

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