Vision Board – a Powerful Tool To Manifest Your Dreams

If the events of the past few months have you in a bit of a rut, I have something on the blog this week that will help to harness the powerful energy of the new moon that arrived at the weekend to light the fire of creativity and new possibility in your life.

Vision boarding is a great way to get clear on your goals and motivate yourself to bring them to life. You may be questioning what this has to do with menstrual health? I feel it has a lot to do with getting clear about that which we wish to create and creation happens from the womb.

The womb is a place to create and give birth to life.

When we spend focused time choosing what we wish to create and then creating a piece of ‘artwork’ to remind us daily of this choice, we are sending a powerful message to our womb space.

I have been using vision boards to help me stay focused and dream in the life that I want to live since my days at University.  They have been an invaluable reminder of my desire and a compass to navigate each day.  I have a stash of old ones in storage and whenever I have gone back to review them, I’m always amazed at the wild ways that things have manifested into reality.

Creating a vision board is more than merely cutting out magazine pictures, putting together beautiful collages, and hoping for the best. It’s a creative process, a powerful visualization tool that helps you narrow down desires through the power of choice.  This process of setting clear intentions and goals opens you to attracting opportunities that can turn these dreams of yours into reality.

With the powerful new moon and solstice that just passed at the weekend, now is the perfect time to create a new vision board and see for yourself how the following 3 points bring the process of vision boarding to life.

1.  The power of choice

When confronted with a blank sheet of paper and limited space, you are forced to focus on your most treasured desires. Begin by identify your desires. Then select images or words that represent those desires.

For example, you might decide to put a picture of yourself writing on your vision board because you want to write a book.  The process of making those choices sends a very specific and personalized message to the Universe (or whatever you call that greater force) of what you wish to create.

2.  The power of visualization

To understand why visualizing your desires is so powerful, we need to take a look at the brain.  Our brain is an incredible machine that is geared toward making us successful with every action we take. It trains our bodies to prepare for action — when we imagine ourselves preparing for an activity, our brains actually run through the process and send signals to the rest of the body to complete the action.

Visualization is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself sitting with the book you will one day write, your brain trains your body for that reality.

3.  The power of consistency

Whether attempting to learn a new skill or create a new habit, consistency is the key. We’re wired for repetition.

It’s not enough to just create a board and leave it to gather dust in your closet. By placing it in a spot you see daily, you create the opportunity for consistent visualization to train your mind, body, and spirit to manifest your desires.

You could frame it and put it on the wall, make copies of it and have it as your phone screen saver, desktop on your computer or a smaller version that lives in your wallet.  The most time-consuming part is the initial creation. After that, the consistency in the visualization happens every time you purposefully look at it.

Plan out your board

Decide whether you want to do an individual board, a family board, a business board – there is no limit to how many or who is involved in the process.  Choose something that feels right in every cell of your body.

Before you begin the process of actually cutting up magazines, newspapers or photographs, it’s useful to think about:

  • Your values
  • Health & Wellness
  • Family life
  • Love life
  • Career goals
  • How you spend your free time
  • What you want to learn or how you want to grow

Consider all of this from the perspective of where you want to be and imagine that it is already happening.  So if you want more self love time – your imagery may be of someone sitting in meditation, doing yoga, vaginal steaming, being pampered at a spa or enjoying a slow cooked meal filled with love.

Take your time putting your board together.  It may be a process that spans a few days or it could be one long focused effort alone or with the company of friends.  You could make a vision boarding women’s circle with your close girlfriends or get creative with your kids.

When my 9 year old was 3, I taught her to make her first vision board.  This past weekend when we were collecting our imagery for our latest vision board it was so beautiful to see how she really understands the process now.  Admittedly she wanted to plaster her board with pictures of Harry Potter in the hopes that she can go see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios 🙂 From my perspective, I’m happy that she knows herself, knows what she wants, and has a tool that can powerfully work for her throughout her life.

Do you have a vision boarding practice?  I would love to hear how vision boards work in your life.  Or if this is new to you, I would love to hear how you get on.

Happy visioning!

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