Menarche Health Consultation – 2 hours


“The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually”. Don Elijio Panti

This consultation is for young girls who are either about to go over the threshold into their initiation at menarche and they want to be equipped with all the tools that they will need to welcome it when it arrives.  Or it’s for young girls who have already experienced their first few periods and the symptoms are creating them discomfort.  This consultation will be able to look into what underlying imbalances may be present and offer possible ways of bringing the body back into balance in order for the imbalances to go away.

In this consultation Marisa will spend time taking a detailed case study and finding out how she can best support you and your daughter as you welcome her menarche. She will hear your daughter’s story and together identify her needs. There will be time spent on introducing your daughter to cyclical living and understanding that she has 4 phases to her menstrual cycle, which she can begin to develop her wisdom within.

The practice and benefits of vaginal steaming will be explained and if your daughter would like to experience her first steam during the consultation, Marisa will set up her first 10 minute steam after determining which herb blend is best.

Time will be spend learning a self care abdominal massage which your daughter can carry out at home and have for life. If your daughter would like to receive a massage and your appointment is in person, next she will receive a deep abdominal massage. Marisa will follow up with an email summary of your conversation and any further suggestions to assist your progress.

Often times the medical practice will prescribe birth control to ‘handle’ unwanted symptoms around menarche including acne, painful periods and heavy bleeding.  A Menarche Health Consultation is the alternative to this where the underlying imbalances can be identified and possible options considered to work towards bringing balance into your daughter’s body and empowering her with knowledge about her body that will set her up for life.

Originally qualified in 2005 in Swedish Massage, Marisa’s technique has evolved over the years through her journey healing her own menstrual health challenges, receiving body work, her yoga practice, spiritual development training and mothering her two daughters. Her abdominal massage is based on the lineage of Don Elijio Panti, a Maya Shaman and traditional healer in Belize, Dr Rosita Arvigo, a Naturopath from Chicago and Miss Hortence Robinson, a herbal midwife in Belize.  Her steaming knowledge is from Keli Garza at the Peristeam Hydrotherpay Institute.

Once you purchase the massage, Marisa will be in contact to schedule your treatment.

Price includes 12% government tax. Concessions are available on request.