How to clean your vaginal steam sauna

If you’ve just purchased your vaginal steam sauna or cracked out the power tools to make your own – CONGRATULATIONS! Your world is about to shift.

Before using your sauna

Before you use your sauna it will need a clean.  I recommend cleaning it when you first receive it/make it and after it’s been in storage.  Use an oil soap, a sauna cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or tea tree oil.


Cleaning Directions

Place the sauna in the bath tub or outdoors near a garden hose.
Spray down with water.

Scrub down the entire inside with your preferred cleaning product.


Wipe down the outside of the sauna with a cloth or sponge.

Your sauna is now clean.


Drying Directions

After cleaning it, dry it out completely to avoid risk of mold. If possible, direct sunlight is the best way to fully dry it out.

After a good clean the wood will smell amazing! Enjoy 🙂