Online Appointment – Abdominal Therapy – 90 min


The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Don Elijio Panti

Deep within our pelvic bowl lies the root of our power – our ability to create and receive. Strongly connected to the pelvis is the jaw and throat and a channel for our self expression. Releasing tension in the pelvis opens up the gates for creating and receiving and opens up the throat allowing us to express what wants to come out.

Many ‘females’ problems can be caused by the ligaments that hold the uterus in place becoming stretched, causing a ‘tilt’. Abdominal massage aims to assist homeostasis and hemodynamics, allowing the body to adjust and find it’s own balance. By working deeply into the diaphragm we can impact all the bodies systems and allow you to breathe more deeply and increases circulation in the belly and pelvis. Circulation brings vitality to all your organs – optimizing digestion, energizing the nervous system, endocrine system, and supporting reproductive health.

Thanks to the creativity that stemmed from lockdown, this type of appointment is a possibility! In this online appointment we will spend time taking a detailed case study and finding out how Marisa can best support you. She will hear your story and together identify your needs. Next you will learn a self care massage to carry out at home and have with you for life. Marisa will demonstrate on her belly as you follow along on your own body. Marisa will follow up with an email summary of your conversation and any further suggestions to assist your progress.

Originally qualified in 2005 in Swedish Massage, Marisa’s technique has evolved over the years through her journey healing her own menstrual health challenges, receiving body work, her yoga practice, spiritual development training and mothering her two daughters. Her abdominal massage is based on the lineage of Don Elijio Panti, a Maya Shaman and traditional healer in Belize, Dr Rosita Arvigo, a Naturopath from Chicago and Miss Hortence Robinson, a herbal midwife in Belize.

Once you purchase the treatment, Marisa will be in contact to schedule your appointment.

Concessions are available on request.